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SoCal Pilots at Yanks 04/27/13 - 04/28/13

Invitation to help form the Chino Chapter of the Southern California Pilots Association

from Robert Baker, Vice President, SoCal Pilots Association

A kick-off organizational meeting will be held on April 27th at 2:30 PM at Yanks Air Museum, following the 2013 FAA Safety Stand Down Seminar. The following background information is presented to encourage your participation.

Invitation to help form the Chino Chapter of the Southern California Pilots Association

from Robert Baker, Vice President, SoCal Pilots Association

The objective of the Southern California Pilots Association, per its mission statement, is quite straightforward:

  • To provide a collective voice for General Aviation at our Southern California Airports.
  • To develop a positive working relationship with airport administrations.
  • To foster camaraderie amongst Southern California Pilots with aviation related events.
  • To enhance safety and education in the Southern California Pilot communities.

Background: In 2004 SoCal Pilots was launched as the Orange County Pilot Association [OCPA], a reincarnation of the Orange County Airport Association which had originated in 1987 and at some point had become inactive. In 2012 FAPA the [Fullerton Pilots Association] joined OCPA as a chapter of the beginning of a “super pilot group”, the Southern California Pilots Association [abbreviated as “SoCal Pilots”]. SoCal Pilots is currently working with the Chino airport administration and KCNO pilots to form a third chapter [already listed on the SoCal web-site].

While there is a genuine and definite need for independent SIG’s [special interest groups] such as the 99s, EAA, Vintage Groups, War bird Groups, Formation Flying, etc.; it is also important that, while each group maintains its focus and independence, we all work together to collectively protect and promote our freedoms to own and fly our airplanes. Hopefully, SoCal Pilots will evolve into a larger umbrella group that will fulfill this purpose. It will be up to all of us to make this happen and as we evolve we hope that every airport and flying group is able to establish a mutually beneficial affiliation with us.

SoCal Pilots currently works very closely with EAA Chapter 92 [and through 92 indirectly with Chapters 7 and 71] and very closely with FAA Safety, Planes of Fame Air Museum, Yanks Air Museum, and the Lyon Air Museum to promote safe general aviation and promote GA to area youngsters and to the public. Our significant focus has been on providing high quality WINGS safety presentations within reasonable driving distances for SoCal Pilots. To that end we’ve had conversations with various pilot groups across the basin and have set-up a web site which is offering a number of services including: a speaker’s bureau, presentations-in-a-box. SoCal Pilots offers a web site and email notification services to as many pilots and pilot groups who’d like to join with us to promote aviation safety and informed of issues pertinent to GA; especially to those in the basin.

Terms:  SoCal Pilots Association dues are maintained at the reasonable annual fee of $35 [$50 per family]. A single membership includes access to all regular WINGS presentations at all chapter locations. Barcoded badges are provided to all members and our chapters and affiliates are provided an attendance software that scans the badges for attendance and also for batch upload to the FAA Safety’s WINGS web site. A free six month membership is offered to student pilots to help reduce the high dropout rate by providing a place for those entering aviation to gain additional knowledge and forge new beneficial relationships.

Benefits:  We’ve presented a number of scholarships to area youngsters to further their flight training and hope to do much more in this area. We’ve also conducted a number of fly-ins and social activities including our grand Christmas parties. We have many more activities in the works as pilot socialization is not only very enjoyable but has proven to be a key component in furthering aviation safety.

General aviation is extremely important to the welfare of the California economy and especially to all of us who fly. We need to work together to raise the level of awareness of the benefits of aviation to all Californians while we work to keep all pilots, passengers and the public safe while we conduct our activities. The door is open for a Chino Pilots Association Chapter of the SoCal Pilots Association and we’d love to have your input and involvement as KCNO plays such a strong a vital role in aviation. We hope that you are able to join us for this organizational meeting and are able to interact and work with us in ways that are collaborative to our mutual benefit.

Respectfully ~ your flying buddy,

Robert Baker   Vice President SoCal Pilots Association ~ President EAA Chapter 92 ~ FAASTeam Lead Representative