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Great Museum hope to come again soon. Restoration hanger a lot of fun. ...

Aidan Simmons

Just wanted to say "What a collection!!!! VERY impressive! I run the Restoration shop for the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, Pueblo, CO and I understand...

Joe Musso-Director of Restoration, Pueblo Weisbrod A/C Museum


Welcome to Yanks Air Museum!

Imagine soaring like a bird through the skies.  The overwhelming feeling of power and speed, the wind rushing by as you dip a wing and dive to skim just over the tree tops.  This was the appeal of the aircraft from before its birth in America in 1903.  Aviators were lured by the majesty of the heavens and the feeling of freedom aircraft symbolize.

Yanks’ houses the largest private collection of American WWII fighter, dive and torpedo bombers in the world!

Every aircraft at Yanks Air Museum has a story to tell.  Join us to discover America’s aviation history and the lore of flight.  From the Wright Brothers’ 1903 Wright Flyer to the record-breaking F-106 Delta Dart and the fearsome F-14 Tomcat, at Yanks you can see the entire sweep of American aviation!

In addition to the aircraft there are many fascinating exhibits to see, like the vast collection of 720 aircraft models built by Burt Taylor.  Or visit the new Spacesuit, flight suit and uniform pavilion which house an impressive assembly of aviation related attire including items from record-breaking aviatrix Jackie Cochran.  Even our extensive collection of drones and missiles are quite unique and tell of the discovery of Marilyn Monroe.  

Kids (ages 7-17) love to climb aboard the C-47 Skytrain.  Embark on a great journey at Yanks and experience the sights and sounds of the paratrooper jump in the Jumpmaster program.  Your mission is not complete until you have discovered the thrill of the jump! 

Ask about our AAA discount!

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Museum Hours
Tuesday - Sunday
9:00am - 4:00pm


Museum Admission
Senior (65+)$15.00
Children (5-11)$5.00
4 & Under FREE
7000 Merrill Avenue #35-A270,
Chino, California 91710
(909) 597-1735