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Great Museum hope to come again soon. Restoration hanger a lot of fun. ...

Aidan Simmons

I have only been there once, but I cant wait to go back! The restoration area is just fantastic. One of the guys there said...

Ken Nelsen


335th Cowboys of Vietnam & Huey 11/16/13

This may be your only chance to check out the interior of what is possibly the most revered helicopters of Vietnam, the Huey. Meet The 335th AHC "Cowboys" were one of the most decorated Assault Helicopter Companies of the Vietnam War. They were assigned as primary support for the 173rd "The Herd" Airborne Brigade and fought alongside the 173rd.  If the brigade moved we move them.  If they fought we fought with them.

In the years 0f 67-68 the 173rd and the Cowboys were in some of the most treacherous and dangerous area of Vietnam called "The Central Highlands"   This mountainous area boarding Laos and Cambodia was the main route (Ho Chi Minh trail) into Vietnam from the north because its high mountains, never ending valleys and dense jungle canopy gave the VC extraordinary natural cover.

One of the most significant battles occurred in late Nov 67 on hill 875. Come and hear the stories of these courageous warriors. At least 5 crew members will attend which includes both pilots and crew so it can be a very enlightening experience.

Spending a day with the Cowboys will be a hit.

We support and enhance the visitor experience of civilians and military alike. As we collect the stories and oral histories of America’s veterans, there is no more memorable or overwhelming feeling for many than the rhythmic echoing sound of the incoming Huey. The Huey is one of the most beloved of all aviation platforms. Often we will let a veteran sit in the type aircraft they flew, they remember the controls, the feel and smell, the camaraderie and often…they remember the battle. Whether they were drawing fire from the enemy or loading a wounded soldier, we repeatedly see the tears as they are overcome. The Huey was their link to reality, the sound of “our boys” coming home.