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Magnificent collection of Warbirds. Impressive restoration projects. Nice atmosphere. Came to see the PoF museum which is next door but never knew that the Yanks...

A. Voet

This is the best aviation museum I have ever been to. ...

George B

Restoration Hangar

Yanks Restoration Hangar

Welcome to a world all its own - Historical Restoration. Since the early 1970’s, The Yanks Air Museum’s mission has been to acquire, restore and preserve American aircraft, their history and artifacts. It was apparent in those early years that visitors enjoyed a “behind the scenes” look at the aircraft restorations.

Carrying on a tradition unique to Yanks Air Museum, the restoration hangar is open for public viewing. Our dedicated staff and volunteers use period materials, combined with skills and knowledge to recreate and master the techniques of the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. These techniques enable historical aircraft to be brought “back to life”, exactly as they rolled out of the factory when they were first built, and the process is demonstrated for all to see.

New projects can always be seen at Yanks Air Museum. A typical restoration may take only take a few years. However, in the case of a rare or incomplete aircraft, the hunt for parts and difficult repairs may be ongoing for up to a decade.

Through the leadership and expertise of the museum restorations specialists, more than 40 aircraft “projects” have been restored to airworthy condition. Some of our aircraft are extremely rare; so rare, in fact that they are the only surviving examples of their type and may never be flown. Nonetheless, the aircraft are still put through a painstakingly complete and accurate restoration.

Most recently, the exterior restorations of seven modern jets have been completed and are now on display. More are awaiting their turn. You can be a part of this important effort. To help us bring even more aircraft to public view, please consider supporting our restoration efforts!