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John Shupek

Aircraft look factory new! What a wonderful experience! ...

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McDonnell F/A-18B Hornet

The F-18 is one of today's most technologically advanced and modern jet aircraft. Currently valued at 36 million dollars it is the centerpiece of the museum collection and inspires youth to pursue careers in aviation, aerospace and the military.

This F/A-18B flew with the Navy's Blue Angels flight demo team. In 2006, actor Harrison Ford (known for his starring roles in Indiana Jones and Star Wars) was given a VIP ride in this very aircraft. The F-18 also performed in the movies Independence Day, Behind Enemy Lines and Godzilla.

In 1975 the USAF announced the F-16 Fighting Falcon as the winner of the Lightweight Fighter (LWF) Competition. Of the main contenders, both the General Dynamics YF-16 and Northrop's YF-17 design were not well suited for Naval Ops. The new F-18 Hornet was based on the YF-17 design and became the Navy's solution to a more economical and versatile aircraft.

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