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North American NA-108 Mitchell (B-25J)

The B-25 test results were impressive, after only two weeks of evaluation, it was ordered into production. The first production model flew at Inglewood, CA. On August 19, 1940.

The B-25 was named after William "Billy" Mitchell, an advocate of air power and aircraft bombardment.

The twin engine, twin tailed, tricycle landing gear, monoplane was available in several variations. This J model has the conventional bombardier nose (greenhouse type) and gull wing. This was the last production model B-25. Also used by the Navy as the PBJ-1J, often carrying depth charges instead of bombs.

April 18, 1942, sixteen B-25's left the USS Hornet with Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle and 79 Tokyo Raiders to strike back against Japan.

The RB-25 (R for restricted, later VB-25, V for VIP) was created for use as a VIP transport. In 1943-44 Gen. "Hap" Arnold and Gen. Dwight D. "Ike" Eisenhower received RB-25's.

After WWII the RB-25 was used in the business world, one was even purchased by Howard Hughes.

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