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Northrop N-156T Talon (T-38A)

This is the first supersonic trainer for the USAF.  

The T-38’s high performance and low maintenance made it a practical replacement for the T-33.  

The T-38 is a streamlined, high altitude, twin engine, low swept wing aircraft with tricycle landing gear. Student and instructor sit tandem in a pressurized, air conditioned cockpit for night, aerobatics, formation, navigation and instrument training.  

T-38’s are used today by many organizations, NASA for chase and observation, the USAF for test pilot, flight test engineers and experimental electrical and weapons systems and also to prepare pilots for fighter jets.  

In 1961-62 Jacqueline Cochran set eight performance and four time-to-climb records in the T-38.  

The famous Thunderbirds flew Talons from 1974 - 1982 and found them safe and economical, five T-38s used the same fuel as one F-4.  

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