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Recently visited your museum with my wife (who had been married to an ex F-100 pilot) and my thirteen year old grandson. Your museum is...

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Republic F-105D Thunderchief
Designed to be a supersonic tactical bomber, the F-105 was one of the last of Republics “Thunder” jets successor to WWII's P-47 Thunderbolt and the Korean conflict’s F-84 Thunderjet, the F-105 Thunderchief or “Thud” was one of the “Century Series” fighters.

During the Vietnam War the Thud spent most of it’s time as a bomber, but they did manage to shoot down at least 29 MiGs.  

In an effort to improve all weather and night bombing accuracy of the F-105 the Thunderstick II program was developed.  By installing Long Range Navigation radar (LORAN) and fine tuning associated systems, they were able to get bombs to within 50’ of the target from 15,000 ft.  All of the T-Stick II aircraft were easily identifiable by the added saddleback spine seen here.  

Following service with the 561st TFS, out of McConnell AFB, Kansas, all surviving Thunderstick II aircraft were transferred to the 457th TFS of the Air Force Reserve and were retired by the end of 1981.  

This F-105 accumulated 4,478 flying hours during her illustrious career.
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