Gifts and collectibles for you and all the aviation fans on your gift list!

Dear all, had the pleasure to visit your museum a few days ago. Really well done! I was also able to get closer look to...

Thomas P. Hofer

Great Museum hope to come again soon. Restoration hanger a lot of fun. ...

Aidan Simmons

Wish Lists

Human Resources

  • Fundraising
  • PR and Marketing
  • Grant Writing
  • Event Planning
  • After School and Weekend Volunteers, Teachers &, Educators to Work with Children
  • Aviation Employees – All Capacities to Lend Their Talents (Pilots, Engineers, Flight Attendants, etc.)
  • Museum Planning and Facility Development
  • IT Tech
  • Graphics Specialist

Presentation and Media

  • LCD or Plasma screens over 50”
  • Projectors large scale
  • Laser pointer system
  • PowerPoint presentation hardware large scale
  • Movie Screen for museum interaction
  • Video editing station (Apple G4 or G5, monitor, TV monitor, Mini DV camera)
  • Sound system (2 professional speakers, telescoping tripods speaker stand, amplifiers, mixing board)
  • Digital Camera
  • Video recorder
  • Portable sound system with microphone
  • Stage and Lighting


  • Aviation headsets
  • PA system
  • Music on hold system

Aircraft and Related Items

  • Upgraded radios
  • Parts
  • Aircraft or Aircraft projects
  • Oils
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance costs
  • Aircraft insurance
  • Airport hangar rental