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I was recently at the Museum for the reunion of the Douglas Aircraft Flight Test group. Had a tour with Knobby Walsh...great tour Knobby...after 17...

Dick Roberts

What a great Air Museum. The collection is one of the best I've ever seen. Best wishes and continued success! ...

John Shupek



Opportunities to Give 

Your generous donation(s) to The Yanks Air Museum contributes solely to the continued growth and maintenance of the collection, the educational programs, and the development of additional exhibits and improvements of the museum site. 

When you visit, you can be confident in knowing that you have played a vital part to insure that The Yanks Air Museum is “Where the LEGENDS Live On”.  This insures that the museum’s mission to acquire, restore and preserve American aircraft, their history and artifacts will continue for future generations to come. 

Ignite the passion for aviation and a quest for knowledge in our future generations by saving these rare aircraft!

Ways to Give

Museum Membership

Our annual membership is affordable fun for the whole family.  This small investment creates family memories that far surpass any monetary value and you are given special privileges and invitations to members-only and public events and much more.  

Membership proceeds support Yanks education, restoration and exhibit development programs.

Financial Contributions

It is a worthy cause to preserve our American history. History is fading quickly; help stop the erosion of our past. Yanks is dedicated and committed to preserving our history for our children’s future. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Museum receives no funds from the government and relies on the generous gifts and contributions of individual donors and corporate sponsors. All gifts are tax-deductible and are recognized appropriately.

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate exhibit and event sponsorships are available and corporate contributions are always appreciated! Enjoy the benefits of lowering your company taxes.  Reach thousands of museum visitors every year at one of the world’s largest all American aviation collections.

Restoration Donations

Adopt your favorite aircraft or project to support and donate funds toward its restoration and maintenance.  Yanks preservation practices are renowned in the industry.  Yanks master craftsmen will perform the best restoration possible with historically accurate original materials.  Help insure the aircraft's survival and leave your legacy at Yanks Air Museum!

Aviation Related Artifacts

Make a special place for your precious aviation collectable(s) and let them live on.  Whether your artifact was recently inherited or has been in the family for generations, Yanks can display and preserve your treasure for all to see.  We accept a wide variety of donations from airplanes to uniforms and equipment. Please contact us!

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have skills?  Your time and talents are needed at Yanks Air Museums.  Many volunteers truly enjoy working on our antique aircraft collection.  Some dust-em off, some work on displays and others may help with events and tours.  Your time and talent are greatly appreciated and can contribute to the visitor experience and our community too.  Re-enactors in uniform are welcome and can often found at the museum interacting with tours.

Thank you for your continued support in making The Yanks Air Museum one of the premier “All American” aircraft museum’s in America!

If you need additional information, contact the museum directly at 909.597.1735 or click here

Yanks Air Museum, “Where the LEGENDS Live on!”