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Magnificent collection of Warbirds. Impressive restoration projects. Nice atmosphere. Came to see the PoF museum which is next door but never knew that the Yanks...

A. Voet

I was recently at the Museum for the reunion of the Douglas Aircraft Flight Test group. Had a tour with Knobby Walsh...great tour Knobby...after 17...

Dick Roberts

World War II

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Bell 33 Kingcobra (P-63A)

It soon became clear a larger and more powerful aircraft was needed for a close support fighter bomber. Experimental XP- 63’s used the P-39 fuselage and added aerodynamic improvements.  

The P-63 King Cobra was produced and supplied in great numbers to the USSR and France. Outperformed at high altitude by the P-51 Mustang and P-47 Thunderbolt, the P-63 King Cobra was relegated to training duty by the AAF.  

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