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Sikorsky S-62A Seaguard (HH-52A)
The Sea Guard or Sea Guardian Helicopter was created to fill a need for a smaller amphibious helicopter.  

The design began in 1957 for the S-62A (later designated HH-52A), using the rotor and transmission from the S-55 and a single turbo shaft and fuselage similar to the H-3 (S-61) Sea King.  The first prototype flew in May of 1958.  

The HH-52A was very similar in appearance to the H-3 Sea King, except for the new cabin windows and three blade rotor.  

The Sea Guard utilized a starboard side rescue platform that folded down for on-the-water rescues.  The Sea Guard was fully amphibious with the wheels retracting into the pontoons.  

The US NAVY, acting for the US Coast Guard, procured a total of 99 HH-52A’s accepted under contract # TCG42044.  

Other principal versions were the S-62C for export and S-62J, built under license in Japan.  

All production ended in 1970.
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