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Cold War

Convair 8-27 Delta Dart (F-106B)

The F-106 interceptor with supersonic and nuclear capabilities was created in the 1950’s to stop the potential for attack by Soviet bomber aircraft.  The multiple bomber raids of WWII were no longer effective, now one aircraft and pilot, armed with nuclear weapons could destroy an entire city.  

The fully combat capable F-106B was derived from the single seat trainer version TF-102.  The final aircraft of the “CenturySeries”, the “Six” sported many innovations like the coke-bottle shaped fuselage and new integrated MA-1 fire control system.  

In 1959, the F-106 set a new world speed record 1,525.96 MPH, twice the speed of sound or Mach 2.  In 1986, Flight Systems modified 194 F-106’s to QF-106A drones for target practice.  

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