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Dear all, had the pleasure to visit your museum a few days ago. Really well done! I was also able to get closer look to...

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Aircraft look factory new! What a wonderful experience! ...

Todd Carter

Greenfield Expansion

In 1988, museum founders Charles and Judith Nichols purchased the 440-acre "Bill Hanson Ranch" located in Monterey County in the coastal zone of central California. This prime property is located on the famous and picturesque Highway 101 in the town of Greenfield.

Their vision is to build a destination travel location where The Yanks Air Museum can continue to flourish. This planned project will include an expanse never before seen in the museum industry. Plans are centered on the new Museum facility and the 4,250 foot runway that will support both museum flight operations as well as serve the private aviation needs of both museum visitors and local aviators. The new museum facility is not intended to replace the existing facility in Chino, but to greatly expand the opportunities.

The new Yanks Air Museum facility in Greenfield will feature a world-class collection of restored aircraft that reflect the entire spectrum of American Aviation technology. This will include extensive use of graphic and multi-media systems to give the audience a taste of flying without actually leaving the ground.

Along with a state-of-the-art theater there will be a number of classrooms provided for a planned educational program. The classrooms will feature advanced technology teaching tools that will augment the traditional teaching methods.

It is anticipated that a number of strategic partnerships will be established that will enable these partners to demonstrate and showcase their technology.

Other features of this master planned complex will include a quality level hotel and spa, winery, four restaurants, service facilities, and a recreational vehicle park. The income generated by the leases of these infrastructure businesses will provide a solid recurring income to operate and continue development of The Yanks Air Museum facility.

Efforts are now being made to seek the highest quality of participating developers and operators to make each supportive business a reality.


11/15/2011 Water, sewage, lighting and utilities are being completed. 

11/30/2011 Grading and paving for the RVPark will be completed

12/07/2011 Construction on the RV parks club house, pool and spa to begin.

12/15/2011  Runway plans are under review with the FAA for final approvals.

Greenfield Construction Update #1

GREENFIELD, Calif. - Millions of dollars, hundreds of jobs and years in the making. Work is now underway for a massive new Yanks Air Museum museum in Greenfield.

Greenfield Ground Breaking