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Bell 47D-1 Sioux (OH-13E)

Since 1912, Lawrence D Bell worked in the aviation industry, he founded Bell Aircraft in 1935.


The 47B model was the world’s first certified commercial helicopter. This model was produced until 1973, longer than any helicopter in history.  

The 47D was also the second largest production helicopter model (6,283) behind the Bell UH-1 Huey.  

The Scout is easily recognized by its bubble canopy and open lattice tail-boom and equipped with twin-skid landing gear with two retractable wheels for ground handling.

 This MASH-type helicopter has two stretcher pods for evacuating the wounded and was also available with pontoons.  Equipped for utility, wire-laying, evacuation and training the 47D, or OH-13E Sioux in US military service, was used by over 30 nations and countless civilian organizations and may still be seen in service today.

Service History

Delivered: 1946

AAF service records destroyed in fire.

MFG: Bell

First Produced: 1946

Powerplant: Franklin 0-335-5

Horsepower: 270

Rotor: 2 blade all metal

Service Ceiling: 3,600 ft.

Cruise: 80 mph

Top Speed: 100 mph

Range: 212 miles

Empty Weight: 1,435 lbs

Gross Weight: 2,350 lbs

Rotor Span: 33’

Length: 32’8”

Height: 9’4”

Armament: None

Number Built: 3,000 total

490 H-13E total

Acquired by Yanks in 1986.