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Dear all, had the pleasure to visit your museum a few days ago. Really well done! I was also able to get closer look to...

Thomas P. Hofer

Great Museum hope to come again soon. Restoration hanger a lot of fun. ...

Aidan Simmons


Grumman G-40 Avenger (TBF-1C)

Built to replace the obsolete TBD Devastator, the TBF torpedo bomber was produced by Grumman and were licensed by Grumman and produced by General Motors, to allow Grumman to concentrate on building the F6F Hellcat.

The TBF was used primarily for anti-sub patrols, bombing missions and rocket-firing strike aircraft.  Note the dorsal turret which was operated by the radio/gunner.  

The first TBF’s flew across the Pacific and arrived just in time for the Battle of Midway June 4, 1942.  Able to sink a Japanese ship with as little as three hits, the Yamato and Musashi battleships were two of its later victims.  

President George Herbert Walker Bush flew TBMs during his tour of duty in WW II.  

The Avenger remained in service with the Navy until 1954.  After this time the threat from new-generation deep-dive nuclear subs created a need for more specialized aircraft.  

Service History

Delivered: November 24, 1942

USS Enterprise, NAS San Diego, CA, Puuene, Barbers

Point, HI and Ford Island, HI, Noema, USS Saratoga,

VF-12 Henderson Field, Guadalcanal.

Strikes on Kolombagra Island, Naura and Rabaul

Stricken: July 31, 1945

MFG: Grumman

First Produced: 1942

Powerplant: Wright R-2600-8

Horsepower: 1,700 lbs

Prop: Hamilton C/S

Service Ceiling: 22,400 ft

Cruise: 145 mph

Top Speed: 271 mph

Range: 1,215 miles

Empty Weight: 10,080 lbs

Gross Weight: 15,905 lbs

Wing Span: 54’2”

Wing Area: 490 sq. ft

Length: 40’

Height: 16’5”

Armament: (1) .30 cal machine

gun firing through the

prop (1) .50 cal machine gun

in turret, 2,000 lbs of bombs

or 22” torpedo

Number Built: 9,839 total

2,293 Grumman, 7,546 GM


This Avenger was a MGM movie prop before it was acquired by Yanks on August 18, 1980.  

During restoration of this TBF, Japanese 27 mm bullets were found in the tail.