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Grumman G-303 Tomcat (F-14A)

The F-14 was designed at the height of the Cold War to protect the Navy's supercarriers from long range Soviet bombers.

The Tomcat's AWG-9 and Phoenix missile combination is capable of tracking and engaging targets at ranges never before possible.  

Beginning in 1981, the F-14 also serves as the carrier air wing reconnaissance aircraft with the Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System (TARPS).  TARPS is a combination of vertical, oblique and panoramic cameras as well as an infra red scanner.  While every F-14 can be wired for TARPS, usually two or three aircraft per air wing were used for that role.

When the Cold War came to a close, the F-14 assumed another role, that of attack aircraft.  The F-14 was designed with the ability to drop bombs, but it was not until the early-90s that the Navy pursued it.  With the addition of the Lantirn targeting pod and various software upgrades, the F-14 began to take over some of the carrier Air Wings bombing duties and quickly received acclaim for action over Bosnia and Kosovo.

Service History of 158985

  • Delivered: December 17, 1973
  • 7/25/74 VF-2 NAS Miramar
  • 1/16/75 VF-2 ABD USS Enterprise
  • 5/20/75 - 2/19/75 VF-2 NAS Miramar, CA with detachments to NAS Norfolk, VA, NAF El Centro, CA, NAS Fallon, NV, NAS North Island, CA, NAF Atsugi, Japan.
  • 2/27/76 VF-2 ABD USS Enterprise
  • 5/2/76 VF-2 ABD USS Enterprise
  • 7/1/76 VF-2 ABD USS Enterprise
  • 2/7/78 VF-2 ABD USS Enterprise
  • 6/26/78 VF-2 ABD USS Enterprise
  • 4/4/80 VF-124 NAS Miramar with detachments to NAS North Island, CA.
  • 3/14/83 VF-1 NAS Miramar
  • 12/29/83 VF-1 ABD USS Kitty Hawk
  • 5/31/84 VF-1 NAS Miramar
  • 8/20/86 NARF NAS North Island
  • 8/24/87 VF-191 NAS Miramar
  • Stricken: 3/31/1992

MFG: Grumman

First Produced: 1972

Powerplant: (2) P&W TF-30-P412A Turbofans

Thrust: 20,900 lbs each

Service Ceiling: 50,000 ft

Cruise: 633 mph

Top Speed: 1,544 mph (Mach 2.4)

Range: 2,000 miles

Empty Weight: 39,300 lbs

Gross Weight: 74,348 lbs

Wing Span: 64’1.5” (max spread), 38’2.5” (fully swept)

Wing Area: 565 sq. ft

Length: 62’8”

Height: 16’

Armament:  1 GE M-61A1 20 mm canon

Interceptor role: Typically 2 or 4 AIM-54 Phoenix,  2 AIM-7 Sparrow and 2 AIM-9 Sidewinder

Number Built: 731 total

545 A models