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Grumman G-128 Intruder (A-6E)

In 1956, the Navy issued a requirement for a low-level, long range and all weather attack aircraft, to take over the medium bomber role from the legendary A-1 Skyraider.  The A-6 quickly found itself in combat and proved to be a capable platform.

It gained a reputation for being able to carry large loads deep into North Vietnam at night when no other American aircraft could.  

First flown in 1970, the A-6E brought improved radar and nav/system computer systems to improve reliability.  The new model was produced with almost half new builds, the rest were made from the conversion of older A-6s, as was the case with this A-6.  

The A-6E received continual system improvements over its career to enable it to deliver the latest weapons in the Navy inventory.  In the end however, it became a victim of the post-Cold War draw down and wing fatigue problems, and the A-6 was retired in 1997.

Service History of 155644

Delivered: December 13, 1968

Dec 1968 - VA-128 NAS Whidbey Island, WA

Aug 1969 - VA-165 NAS Whidbey Island, USS America & USS Constellation

Nov 1975 - VA-145 NAS Whidbey Island, NADEP Alameda, CA & USS Ranger

Jan 1976 - VA-128 NAS Whidbey Island

May 1976 - NARF Norfolk, VA

April 1977 - Converted to A-6E NPRO Rep Bethpage, NY

Oct 1977 - VA-34 NAS Oceana, VA, USS Kennedy, USS Eisenhower

Sept 1981 - NPRO Rep Bethpage, NY

Dec 1981 - VMA(AW)-242 MCAS El Toro, CA, MCAS Iwakuni, Japan, NADEP Alameda

May 1984 - VMA(AW)-121 MCAS El Toro

Mar 1988 - NADEP Alameda

June 1991 - VA-196 NAS Whidbey Island

Sept 1991 - VA-115 NAF Atsugi, Japan, USS Independence

Stricken: Oct 1994

MFG: Grumman

First Produced: 1970

Powerplant: (2) P&W J52-P-8B

Thrust: 9,300 lbs each

Service Ceiling: 47,500 ft

Cruise: 477 mph

Top Speed: 793 mph

Range: 2,723 miles

Empty Weight: 26,746 lbs

Gross Weight: 60,400 lbs

Wing Span: 53’

Wing Area: 528.9 sq. ft

Length: 54’9”

Height: 16’2”

Armament: 18,000 lbs of external


Number Built: 693 total

450 E models through

conversion or new build