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World War II

Curtiss-Wright CW-20B-4 Commando (C-46F)

With the situation in Europe deteriorating, US involvement in the war became inevitable.  In 1940, large orders were placed for military aircraft.  

 In 1940 the debut flight of the CW-20, a thirty-six passenger airliner with a pressurized cabin showed great promise.  The military version, the C-46, was developed with double cargo doors, a strengthened floor, loading winch and folding seats.   

With a crew of four, plus fifty passengers and a military overload weight of 50,675 pounds, the C-46 was the largest and heaviest twin engine cargo transport of it’s day.   

In 1943 the Japanese closed the Burma Road, necessitating an air bridge over the Himalayas, known as “The Hump.”  The C-46 had twice the cabin volume and better high altitude performance than the C-47, so it was perfectly suited to the treacherous task.  

This C-46 served with more than fifteen airlines after WWII.

Service History of 43-47218

Delivered: February 28, 1945

Feb 1945 - To Karachi, India ( 10th Air Force) via Nashville, TN and West Palm Beach, FL

April 10, 1946 - Transferred to IAF

1955 - Withdrawn from service with IAF


Served with the following airlines:

Miami A&E, 1956. Riddle 1959, Zantrop 1966, Rich 1973,

ASA Int., Aerovias SUD, Americina Inc., Ariel Trans,

Southwest Aviation, Florida Caribbean, Wylie Air Corp.

Stored in New Mexico during 1989

MFG: Curtiss

First Produced: 1942

Powerplant: (2) P&W R-2800-51

Horsepower: 2,000 lbs each

Service Ceiling: 27,600 ft

Cruise: 183 mph

Top Speed: 269 mph

Range: 1,200 miles


Empty Weight: 32,400 lbs

Gross Weight: 50,675 lbs

Wing Span: 108’1”

Wing Area: 1360 sq. ft

Length: 76’4”

Height: 22’6”

Armament: None

Number Built: 3,180 total

Obtained by Yanks in 2000