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I was recently at the Museum for the reunion of the Douglas Aircraft Flight Test group. Had a tour with Knobby Walsh...great tour Knobby...after 17...

Dick Roberts

I have only been there once, but I cant wait to go back! The restoration area is just fantastic. One of the guys there said...

Ken Nelsen


Curtiss 50B Robin C-1

Built in 1928, the Robin to its’ advantage, was similar to the popular Spirit of Saint Louis.

 Curtiss used the OX-5 engine and with over 300 Robins in the air, saw the need for the greater horsepower Challenger engine as well as a seaplane version.  

By 1930 over 700 Robins were built, at a rate of about 17 per week, and Robins were a familiar sight at airports around the country.  

The C-1 carried 50 gallons of fuel for a range of 510 miles or 5hours of flight.  


In 1929, the “St Louis Robin” set the endurance record of 420 hours, 21 minutes, almost 18 days by refueling in flight.  Dale Jackson, the chief test pilot at Curtiss Airplane, and Forrest O’Brine won the prize money of $31,225.00, plus gifts and a $2,470.00 bonus for the 247 hours added to the previous record of 173 hours.


In 1933 after the Stock Market crash, thirty-one year old “Wrong Way Corrigan” purchased a Robin for $325.00.   Flying to Ireland without permission, he used the “I flew the wrong way” story that brought him instant acclaim.

MFG: Curtiss-Robertson

First Produced: 1928

Powerplant: R-600 Challenger

Horsepower: 185

Prop: Curtiss-Reed

Service Ceiling: 12,500ft

Cruise: 102 mph

Top Speed: 120 mph

Range: 510 miles

 Empty Weight: 1,638 lbs

Gross Weight: 2,600 lbs

Wing Span: 41’

Wing Area: 243 sq. ft.

Length: 24’1”

Height: 8’

Armament: None

Number Built: 769 total

Original 300 (OX-5) Engine

Acquired by Yanks in 1985.  Restoration was completed in 2003.