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Convair 8-27 Delta Dart (F-106B)

The F-106 interceptor with supersonic and nuclear capabilities was created in the 1950’s to stop the potential for attack by Soviet bomber aircraft.  The multiple bomber raids of WWII were no longer effective, now one aircraft and pilot, armed with nuclear weapons could destroy an entire city.  

The fully combat capable F-106B was derived from the single seat trainer version TF-102.  The final aircraft of the “CenturySeries”, the “Six” sported many innovations like the coke-bottle shaped fuselage and new integrated MA-1 fire control system.  

In 1959, the F-106 set a new world speed record 1,525.96 MPH, twice the speed of sound or Mach 2.  In 1986, Flight Systems modified 194 F-106’s to QF-106A drones for target practice.  

This aircraft was overhauled and modified in 1986 by Lear-Siegler, Inc. and was used by Rockwell, at Kelly AFB, San Antonio, Texas for the B-1B Bomber Chase Program until 1999.  This F-106 remained in active service until 2003. 


Service History of 57-2513

  • Delivered: 11/29/1958 Stricken: 2003
  • 11/58 - USAF Flight Test (ARDC) Edwards AFB, CA
  • 9/59 - 539th Fighter-Interceptor (ADC) McGuire AFB, NJ
  • 10/59 - Sacramento Air Mat Area, Palmdale, CA
  • 12/59 - Convair, San Diego, CA
  • 5/61, 8/67, 1/77, 5/81, 1/83 - San Antonio Air Logistics Area Kelly AFB, TX
  • 12/61 - Returned to F-106B configuration (Test Support)
  • 7/67 - General Dynamics, Fort Worth, TX
  • 9/76 - Sacramento Air Logistics Center, McClellan AFB, CA
  • 7/79 - Tyndall AFB, FL - 12/80 - 2851ST Air Base Grp (AFLC) Kelly AFB, TX
  • 11/82 - 325th FWW (TAC) Tyndall AFB, FL
  • 6/86, 10/86 - 120th FIG (ANG) Great Falls MAP, MD
  • 9/86 - 177th FIG (ANG) Atlantic City, NJ
  • 10/86, 5/87 - North American Rockwell, Palmdale, CA
  • 12/86 - San Antonio ALC, TX
  • 12/91 - 475th WEG (TAC) Tyndall AFB, FL
MFG: Convair

First Produced: 1958

Powerplant: (1) P&W J75-P-17

Thrust: 24,500 lbs

Service Ceiling: 58,000 ft

Cruise: 610 mph

Top Speed: 1,525 mph

(Mach 2.31)

Range: 2,700 miles

Empty Weight: 26,000 lbs

Gross Weight: 38,250 lbs

Wing Span: 38’3.5”

Wing Area: 661.5 sq. ft

Length: 70’8.75”

Height: 20’3.3”

Armament: (4) AIM-4 Falcon

and (1) AIR-2 Genie

Number Built: 340 total

67 B models


 Acquired by Yanks in 2004.