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Cold War

Convair 340-71 Samaritan (C-131F)

The CV-240/340/440 series was used by the United States Air Force (USAF) for medical evacuation and VIP transport and was designated as C-131 Samaritan. The first model Samaritan, the C-131A, was derived from the CV-240 model, and was delivered to the USAF in 1954.

The United States Navy used the Samaritan, initially designated as the R4Y until 1962, at which point the naval aircraft were also redesignated as C-131s.

Nearly all of the C-131s left the active inventory in the late 1970s, but the U.S. Coast Guard operated the aircraft until 1983, while the Air National Guard and Navy units operated additional airframes, primarily as Operational Support Aircraft (OSA) for Air National Guard flying wings and as naval air station aircraft until 1990.

Service History of 141013

  • Delivered: January 3, 1956
  • 1956-1960 - BAR San Diego, CA
  • Sept 25, 1960 - BAR Columbus, OH
  • Jan 25, 1961 - NAS Anacostia VC-131F conversion.
  • May 1962-82 - NAF Andrews, Washington DC
  • August 18, 1982 - MASDC/Davis Monthan AFB, Tuscon, AZ
  • Late 340 /440 Admirals A/C - Commander of Naval Reserve 12,322 flight hours
MFG: Convair/General Dynamics

First Produced: 19

Powerplant: (2) P&W R-2800-52W

Horsepower: 2,500 lbs each

Service Ceiling: 24,500 ft

Cruise: 289 mph

Top Speed: 294 mph

Range: 1,600 miles

Empty Weight: 30,464 lbs

Gross Weight: 47,000 lbs

Wing Span: 38’9”

Wing Area: 375 sq. ft

Length: 46’1.5”

Height: 16’

Armament: None


Obtained by Yanks June 2004, arrived Oct 26, 2004.