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Great Museum hope to come again soon. Restoration hanger a lot of fun. ...

Aidan Simmons

Dear all, had the pleasure to visit your museum a few days ago. Really well done! I was also able to get closer look to...

Thomas P. Hofer


Consolidated 40 Privateer (PB4Y-2)

The PB4Y-2 Privateer was the Navy's modified version of the Consolidated B-24, designed as a low-altitude, long-range patrol bomber for anti-shipping, anti-submarine, ground-attack, reconnaissance and rescue missions.

The PB4Y-2 replaced the PB4Y-1, the Navy's essentially unchanged version of the B-24.

The Privateer's single vertical tail provided improved low-altitude stability. Its front fuselage is eight feet longer, to make room for a flight-engineer's station, and its Pratt and Whitney R-1830-94 engines lack the B-24's turbochargers, which were unneeded at low altitude.

Because the Privateer was often sent on long, unescorted missions, its armament was increased to 12 .50 caliber Browning machine guns in two top turrets, nose and tail turrets, and the distinctive, tear-drop-shaped, dual-gun ERCO waist turrets, which could be deflected down to converge 30 feet below the airplane. The B-24's lower ball turret was deleted.

Privateers were used throughout the Pacific Theater, including ground-attack missions supporting the invasion of Iwo Jima.

Acquired by Yanks in 2006, this ex Coast-Guard airplane was making a living as a fire-fighting water bomber until its retirement in 2002.

Service History

  • Delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard as BuNo 66300
  • 1959 - Sold as surplus
  • 1959 - Converted to "Super Privateer" specs, using 1700-hp Wright R-2600 Cyclone engines
  • 1959 through 2002 - Operated as a forest-fire "water bomber" by Avery Aviation and Hawkins and Powers Aviation

MFG: Consolidated

Built In: W

First Produced: 1943

Powerplant: (4) Wright R-2600 Cyclones

Horsepower: 1,700 each

Prop: Hamilton Std.

Service Ceiling: 20,700 ft

Cruise: 140 mph

Top Speed: 237 mph

Range: 2,800 miles

Empty Weight: 37,485 lbs

Gross Weight: 65,000 lbs

Wing Span: 110’

Wing Area: 1,048 sq. ft

Length: 74’7”

Height: 29’2”

Armament: (12) .50 cal machine guns in turrets and waist mounts and up to 8,000 lb. of bombs

Number Built: 3,290 total

736 PB4Y-2 models

Acquired by Yanks in 2006.