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F-15A Eagle

To attain superiority in air-to-air combat the pilot must detect, evade, attack and destroy the enemy. The F-15 Eagle with its incredible acceleration, maneuverability, multi-mission avionics, range and weaponry has this ability. The F-15 soared passed its competition to outperform all other aircraft and to become the air superiority fighter with a combat record of 101 victories to zero losses. 

The F-15 has the ultimate fighter pilot cockpit, its large elevated area and bubble canopy give the pilot a nearly waist high 360-degree visibility. The F-15 was the first air-to-air fighter with a self-contained Tactical Electronic Warfare System (TEWS). Technology took a quantum leap in the F-15 with the installation of the APG-63 radar, featuring semi-auto dogfight mode, look-down/shoot-down, range/track while scanning, range/track while searching and Sparrow illumination modes.  The integrated Heads-Up Display (HUD) features basic flight information, plus the target, status, range, closure rate, G-load, Mach speed, ammunitions count and more.

Statistically most AAA (Anti-Aircraft Artillery) damage occurs to the rear of the aircraft, this makes the center fuselage the home of nearly 90% of the avionics/systems. The forward and main fuselage is constructed mainly of aluminum while the aft section is mainly titanium with honeycomb fillers, the skins are boron epoxy composite. 

This F-15 originally cost 28 million dollars. It was acquired by Yanks in 2011.

Delivered:     6/30/1979   Stricken:  4/1995

6/1979 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing (Tactical Air Command), Elgin AFB FL

11/1980 Air Development Test Center (AF Systems Command), Elgin AFB FL

9/1987 405th Tactical Training Wing (TAC) Luke, AFB AZ

1991 325th Tactical Training Wing (TAC) Tyndall AFB FL

1992 325th Fighter Wing (Air Combat Command) Tyndall AFB FL

1994 325th Fighter Wing (Air Education and Training Command) Tyndall AFB FL

MFG: McDonnell Douglas

Built In: St Louis, MO

First Produced: 1976

Powerplants: 2) P&W F100-PW-100

Thrust: 25,000 lbs

Service Ceiling: 63,000 ft

Cruise: 660 mph?

Top Speed: 1650 mph (2.5+ mach)

Range: 2000 miles?

Empty Weight: 27,000 lbs

Gross Weight: 56,002 lbs

Wingspan: 42’8”?

Wing Area: 608 sq ft

Length: 63’8”

Height: 18’5”

Armament: M-61 20mm cannon, plus 1600 lbs of ordinance; AIM-7, AIM 9, AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles, Mark 82 & 84,

GBU 8, 10 & 31

Number Built: 365 F-15A models