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Cessna 348B Tweety Bird (T-37A)

The T-37 has served as the US Air Force’s basic initial training aircraft since the 1950’s and until recently most prospective USAF pilots took their first flight in a Tweet.  

After the introduction of the T-37B, one of the Tweet’s primary roles was to screen out pilot candidates that were not suitable, before passing students on to the T-38.  

As a flying machine or teaching platform, the T-37 was very easy to understand, operate and repair.  A quick engine change(QEC) can be completed in 30 minutes.  

Popular for it’s vice free handling, it is used to teach the basics of aircraft handling, navigation, formation flying and instrument flying. 

 The T-37 fleet was updated beginning in 1989 to prolong the life and improve the capabilities of the Tweet.  At this time, the Air Force adopted the navy blue and white color scheme for formation training and ease of maintenance.  This allowed theT-37 to stay in the primary jet trainer role until the introduction of the T-6A Texan II in 2000.


Service History of 58-1962

  • Delivered - Sept 1, 1959 - To 3302nd Pilot Training Group (Air Training Command), Spence AFB, GA (to T-37B)
  • Dec 1960 - To 355th FTW (ATC), Moody AFB, GA
  • May 1962 - To 3646th Pilot Training Wing (ATC), Laughlin AFB, TX
  • Dec 1970 - To 3650th PTW (ATC), Columbus AFB, MS
  • June 1972 - To 14th FTW (ATC), Columbus AFB, MS
  • Oct 1985 - To 82nd FTW (ATC), Williams AFB, AZ
  • June 1992 - To Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ

MFG: Cessna

First Produced: 1959

Powerplant: (2) Continental


Thrust: 920 lbs each

Service Ceiling: 35,000 ft

Cruise: 360 mph

Top Speed: 425 mph

Range: 870 miles

Empty Weight: 3,870 lbs

Gross Weight: 6,574 lbs

Wing Span: 33’8”

Wing Area: 183.9 sq. ft

Length: 29’3”

Height: 9’2”

Armament: None

Number Built: 1,197 total

534 A models


Obtained by Yanks in 2001.