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Great Museum hope to come again soon. Restoration hanger a lot of fun. ...

Aidan Simmons

Came from England to visit your museum in March 2010 and it was worth the journey :-) Thanks to the staff who took time to chat...



Waco NZR Hadrian (CG-4A)

The CG-4A, the workhorse of the American Glider Force, was used in every airborne invasion.  

The simple construction contained over 70,000 parts at a cost of $18,880.00.  

The CG-4A handled the best of any glider in WWII making it well suited to the inexperienced pilot.  

The CG-4A was accepted by the AAF in less than two months and was produced by eleven companies.  A few unlikely manufacturers helping in the war effort were Gibson Refrigerator and Ward Furniture, also Waco, Cessna, Northwestern, and the largest producer Ford Motor Company (4,190).  

Designed to carry pilot and co-pilot plus a huge cargo of 75mm Howitzer, 15 fully-armed troops or a quarter ton jeep.   An ingenious hinged design opened the nose for cargo.  Upon landing, the jeep was used to raise the nose, extend the ramps, and seconds later the jeep was deployed.  

Snatched and towed by C-46, C-47, C-54, A-25, B-25 and the P-38.  Often under fire, the gliders heroically crash landed into battle.  Pilot and co-pilot became part of the infantry until picked up.

Service History

Delivered: April 28, 1945

Served with the 4111th AAF Base Unit (Air Mat Com)

Tobyhanna, PA

Declared excess April 16, 1946

Disposed as surplus August 15, 1946

MFG: Northwestern

First Produced: 1943

Powerplant: None

Service Ceiling: limited by

tow aircraft

Stall Speed: 50 mph

Tow Speed: 120 mph

Top Speed: 155 mph

Empty Weight: 3,440 lbs

Gross Weight: 7,500 lbs

Wing Span: 83’6”

Wing Area: 852 sq. ft

Length: 48’3”

Height: 7’2”

Armament: None

Number Built: 13,909 CG-4As