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Recently visited your museum with my wife (who had been married to an ex F-100 pilot) and my thirteen year old grandson. Your museum is...

Dr. Patrick Mullally

Golden Age of Flight

Waco "UEC"

The Weaver Aircraft Company (WACO) of Lorain, Ohio was established in 1921. In 1924 they moved to Troy, Ohio and became America's leading civilian aircraft manufacturer from 1928-1935.

WACO also produced the large troop carrying glider used in all the major invasions of WWII.

The best selling WACO was the Model 10, over 1100 models were produced by the end of 1930.

The UEC was the first Waco, and the only bi-plane in the Yanks collection, to use tension-compression struts to replace the familiar crossed steel flying wires.

Many innovative ideas were incorporated into the UEC, like the speed-ring cowling and wheel pants for streamlined appearance and performance.  A center hinged bar allowed the swing-over-steering wheel to provide dual control capability.

Versatility best described the new Waco, it quickly adapted to many new occupations.

A much improved version of the QDC Waco of 1931, it found a career as an air ambulance, seaplane, air-service, family-fun, government service and sport plane.

Certified with ATC #467 the Waco UEC was a go-anywhere plane. It was a reliable, economical aircraft that the pilot and passenger could both enjoy. 

Service History

Delivered: Dec 20, 1932

MFG: Waco Aircraft Co.

Built In: Troy, OH

First Produced: 1932

Powerplant: Continental R-670

Horsepower: 210

Prop: Hamilton Standard

Service Ceiling: 15,000 ft

Cruise: 117 mph

Top Speed: 133 mph

Range: 450 miles

Empty Weight: 1,670 lbs

Gross Weight: 2,700 lbs

Wing Span: 32’2” upper

28’2” lower

Wing Area: 245 sq. ft

Length: 24’8”

Height: 8’6”

Armament: None

Number Built: 45 total

This Waco UEC was acquired by Yanks in 2002.