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I have only been there once, but I cant wait to go back! The restoration area is just fantastic. One of the guys there said...

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Really great museum loved the visit!!!! Thumbs up! ...

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Swallow TP

The first aircraft to bear the name "Swallow" was a three-seat biplane that led the way towards practical commercial aviation.

The design was a success with many companies created near copies of the practical Swallow.  The Swallow TP was designed to be a simple and rugged two-seated aircraft with no unnecesary features or niceties.

The TP was designed for efficient and economical pilot training and was also well suited to the role of a low cost sport plane. Because the Swallow was designed for training, the construction was much more rugged and beefed-up than was typical for the day.

The cockpit was simplified, and only basic instruments were installed. 

Service History

Delivered: 1928

MFG: Swallow Airplane Co.

Built In: Wichita, Kansas

First Produced: 1928

Powerplant: Wright OX-5

Horsepower: 90

Prop: Wood

Service Ceiling: 15,500 ft

Cruise: 75 mph

Top Speed: 90 mph

Range: 300 miles

Empty Weight: 1,283 lbs

Gross Weight: 1,825 lbs

Wing Span: 30’11 top

30’3” lower

Wing Area: 296 sq. ft

Length: 23’7”

Height: 8’10”

Armament: None

Number Built: 200 total

Yanks acquired in 2000.