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Golden Age of Flight

Stearman 6L (6A) (YPT-9B)

Four prototypes of the YPT-9B were produced for the Army between 1930 and 1931.  A conversion of the Model 6-A, this YPT-9B is equipped with a 210 HP Lycoming engine and is one of only two made.

Constructed of welded Chrome-Moly steel tubing in truss form.  Solid Spruce spars and Dural metal edges were all covered in fabric.   

As with most trainers, practicality of use, ease of maintenance and the ability to take abuse from the beginner pilot came before beauty.  

The civilian 6-L was created as a pilot trainer, but hoped to catch the sportsman pilot.  A baggage compartment with an 86 lb. capacity contained two 20 lb. parachutes.  A first aid kit and fire extinguisher were standard equipment.

Service History

Delivered: September 1930

Flew with the Boeing School of Aeronautics military flight training program.

MFG: Stearman

First Produced: 1930

Powerplant: Lycoming


Horsepower: 210

Prop: Hamilton Std

Service Ceiling: 15,000 ft.

Cruise: 100 mph

Top Speed: 120 mph

Range: 500 miles

Empty Weight: 1,800 lbs

Gross Weight: 2,551 lbs

Wing Span: 32’ top

28’ bottom

Wing Area: 272 sq. ft.

Length: 24’8”

Height: 9’6”

Armament: None

Number Built: 4 PT-9s total

2 YPT-9B models

This YPT-9B was used in the Boeing School of Aeronautics aerobatic training.   It later found a home as a seed sprayer and crop duster until procured by Yanks in 1987.