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I have only been there once, but I cant wait to go back! The restoration area is just fantastic. One of the guys there said...

Ken Nelsen

Magnificent collection of Warbirds. Impressive restoration projects. Nice atmosphere. Came to see the PoF museum which is next door but never knew that the Yanks...

A. Voet


Sikorsky S-62A Seaguard (HH-52A)

The Sea Guard or Sea Guardian Helicopter was created to fill a need for a smaller amphibious helicopter.  

The design began in 1957 for the S-62A (later designated HH-52A), using the rotor and transmission from the S-55 and a single turbo shaft and fuselage similar to the H-3 (S-61) Sea King.  The first prototype flew in May of 1958.  

The HH-52A was very similar in appearance to the H-3 Sea King, except for the new cabin windows and three blade rotor.  

The Sea Guard utilized a starboard side rescue platform that folded down for on-the-water rescues.  The Sea Guard was fully amphibious with the wheels retracting into the pontoons.  

The US NAVY, acting for the US Coast Guard, procured a total of 99 HH-52A’s accepted under contract # TCG42044.  

Other principal versions were the S-62C for export and S-62J, built under license in Japan.  

All production ended in 1970.

Service History of 1375

  • Delivered: October 3, 1963
  • 1965 - CGAS Port Angeles, WA
  • 1966-68 - CGAS Miami, Fl
  • 1969-73 - CGAS Mobile, AL
  • 1974-77 - CGAS Los Angeles, CA
  • 1978-80 - CGAS Cape May, NJ
  • 1981 - Overhaul ARSC, NC
  • 1983-89 - CGAS Savanna, GA
  • All HH-52As retired in 1989
MFG: Sikorsky

First Produced: 1958

Powerplant: (1) GE T58-8

Horsepower: 1,150 lbs

Service Ceiling: 11,200 ft

Cruise: 98 mph

Top Speed: 109 mph

Range: 474 miles

Empty Weight: 4,903 lbs

Gross Weight: 8,100 lbs

Rotor Diameter: 53’

Rotor Disc Area: sq. ft

Length: 44’6”

Height: 16’

Armament: None

Number Built: 99 total

Acquired by Yanks in December of 2004.