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Canadair CL-13B Sabre 6 (North American F-86E)

In 1944, the debut of the ME-262 leads to the development of new jet aircraft. North American Aviation was working on the FJ-1 Fury for the Navy and F-86 Sabre jet design for the USAAF.

The Sabre was a sleek aircraft, using a low swept wing and tail surface design inspired by German WWII wind tunnel studies.  In 1951 the first great jet fighter of the USAAF went to Korea.  

Replacing the P-80 Shooting Star, the F-86 won back air superiority from the MIG-15. Although greatly outnumbered the Sabre earned its 10:1 kill ratio with aggressive pilots, proven tactics and WWII combat experience.  

Used by nearly all western countries the F-86 remained in front-line service for nearly 20 years.  This model is the fastest Sabre at over 710 MPH. 

Service History

Delivered: 1951

RCAF 1956

South Africa AF serial number 363 until 1979

Flight Systems

Gerald Smith - June 1991

Corporate Jets - April 1992-1995

MFG: Canadair

First Produced: 1948

Powerplant: Orenda-14

Horsepower: 7,440 lbs

Service Ceiling: 54,100 ft.

Cruise: 552 mph

Top Speed: 710 mph

Range: 1,495 miles with


Empty Weight: 11,020 lbs

Gross Weight: 17,611 lbs

Wing Span: 37’1”

Wing Area: 304 sq. ft.

Length: 37’6”

Height: 14’7”

Armament: (6) .50 cal Colt-

Browning machine guns, Up

to (2) 1,000 lbs bombs or 16

5” rockets

Number Built: 655 Mk. 6s

This F-86 flew into Chino in June of 2004 to become a part of Yanks ever growing collection of historically significant American aircraft.