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I have only been there once, but I cant wait to go back! The restoration area is just fantastic. One of the guys there said...

Ken Nelsen

Recently visited your museum with my wife (who had been married to an ex F-100 pilot) and my thirteen year old grandson. Your museum is...

Dr. Patrick Mullally


North American NA-122 Mustang (P-51D)

North American designed and built the P-51 in an unbelievable117 days.

An exceptional long range bomber escort and a fast and furious dog fighter, the P-51 qualified 281 allied pilots as Aces, second only to the Hellcat with 307 Aces.  

Most P-51s were manufactured in Inglewood, CA and tested over Mines Field, now LAX.  

The answer to a fighter pilot’s dream, the Mustang had the ability to fly farther and faster than any other combat aircraft of WWII.

 The D model sported a new bubble canopy, six .50 caliber Browning machine guns and the new Merlin engine improved its high altitude performance.   Two other developments improved the capabilities of the P-51, the G-Suit, which applied pressure to the lower body to increased blood flow to the head, and the K-14 gyroscopic gun sight.  

This P-51 was a well known racer and won a string of victories in the Bendix Air Races.  

Service History

Delivered: July 10, 1945

July 1945 - 2116th AAF Base Unit (ATC), Napier AAF, AL

Nov 1945 - 2225th AAF Base Unit (ATC), Moody AAF, GA

Mar 1946 - 2537th AAF Base Unit (ATC), Perrin AAF, TX

Nov 1946 - San Antonio Air Material Center, Kelly AAF, TX

Jan 1948 - 195th Fighter Squadron (ANG), Van Nuys AP, CA

Jun 1948 - 188th FS (ANG), Kirtland AFB, NM

Feb 1951 - 188th FS Assigned to Air Defense Command

May 1951 - 188th FS (ADC), Long Beach AFB, CA

Nov 1952 - 354th FS (ADC), Long Beach AFB, CA

Feb 1953 - To Oxnard AFB, CA

June 1953 - 440th FS (ADC) Geiger AFB, WA with a deployment to McChord AFB, WA

Sept 1953 - 116th FS (ANG) Geiger AFB, WA

Jan 1954 - 179th FS (ANG) Duluth AP, MN

Aug 1954 - 112th Fighter-Bomber Squadron (ANG) Akron-Canton AP, OH

Aug 1956 Sacramento Air Materiel Are, McClellan AFB,

MFG: North American

First Produced: 1941

Powerplant: Packard V1650-

7 Merlin 68

Horsepower: 1695

Prop: Hamilton Std.

Service Ceiling: 41,900 ft.

Cruise: 362 mph

Top Speed: 437 mph

Range: 2,080 miles

Empty Weight: 6,970 lbs

Gross Weight: 10,500 lbs

Wing Span: 37’

Wing Area: 233 sq. ft.

Length: 32’3”

Height: 12’2”

Armament: (6) .50 cal machine

guns in wings, (2)

1,000 lb. bombs.

Number Built: 15,686 total

7,956 P-51D Models

It was procured by Yanks in 1987.