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What a great Air Museum. The collection is one of the best I've ever seen. Best wishes and continued success! ...

John Shupek

I was recently at the Museum for the reunion of the Douglas Aircraft Flight Test group. Had a tour with Knobby Walsh...great tour Knobby...after 17...

Dick Roberts

World War II

North American NA-122 Mustang (P-51D)

North American designed and built the P-51 in an unbelievable117 days.

An exceptional long range bomber escort and a fast and furious dog fighter, the P-51 qualified 281 allied pilots as Aces, second only to the Hellcat with 307 Aces.  

Most P-51s were manufactured in Inglewood, CA and tested over Mines Field, now LAX.  

The answer to a fighter pilot’s dream, the Mustang had the ability to fly farther and faster than any other combat aircraft of WWII.

 The D model sported a new bubble canopy, six .50 caliber Browning machine guns and the new Merlin engine improved its high altitude performance.   Two other developments improved the capabilities of the P-51, the G-Suit, which applied pressure to the lower body to increased blood flow to the head, and the K-14 gyroscopic gun sight.  

This P-51 was a well known racer and won a string of victories in the Bendix Air Races.  

Service History

Delivered: July 10, 1945

July 1945 - 2116th AAF Base Unit (ATC), Napier AAF, AL

Nov 1945 - 2225th AAF Base Unit (ATC), Moody AAF, GA

Mar 1946 - 2537th AAF Base Unit (ATC), Perrin AAF, TX

Nov 1946 - San Antonio Air Material Center, Kelly AAF, TX

Jan 1948 - 195th Fighter Squadron (ANG), Van Nuys AP, CA

Jun 1948 - 188th FS (ANG), Kirtland AFB, NM

Feb 1951 - 188th FS Assigned to Air Defense Command

May 1951 - 188th FS (ADC), Long Beach AFB, CA

Nov 1952 - 354th FS (ADC), Long Beach AFB, CA

Feb 1953 - To Oxnard AFB, CA

June 1953 - 440th FS (ADC) Geiger AFB, WA with a deployment to McChord AFB, WA

Sept 1953 - 116th FS (ANG) Geiger AFB, WA

Jan 1954 - 179th FS (ANG) Duluth AP, MN

Aug 1954 - 112th Fighter-Bomber Squadron (ANG) Akron-Canton AP, OH

Aug 1956 Sacramento Air Materiel Are, McClellan AFB,

MFG: North American

First Produced: 1941

Powerplant: Packard V1650-

7 Merlin 68

Horsepower: 1695

Prop: Hamilton Std.

Service Ceiling: 41,900 ft.

Cruise: 362 mph

Top Speed: 437 mph

Range: 2,080 miles

Empty Weight: 6,970 lbs

Gross Weight: 10,500 lbs

Wing Span: 37’

Wing Area: 233 sq. ft.

Length: 32’3”

Height: 12’2”

Armament: (6) .50 cal machine

guns in wings, (2)

1,000 lb. bombs.

Number Built: 15,686 total

7,956 P-51D Models

It was procured by Yanks in 1987.