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Great Museum hope to come again soon. Restoration hanger a lot of fun. ...

Aidan Simmons

Came from England to visit your museum in March 2010 and it was worth the journey :-) Thanks to the staff who took time to chat...



Brunner-Winkle Bird BK

The Bird biplane was produced as a utility aircraft by the Brunner-Winkle Aircraft Corp. of New York.  The aircraft carried ATC# 239 and originally sold for just over $4,000.00 in 1929. 

Construction and materials were typical of the era except for the Sesqui-plane wing arrangement; with the upper wing covering twice the area of the lower wing the Bird became an exceptionally stable aircraft. 

The Bird was capable of a good rate of climb, outstanding slow speed performance and an unbelievably short take off capability of less than 100 feet.

A favorite of many women pilots, the graceful “Bird” was a joy to fly.

Charles A Lindberg could have chosen any aircraft in America, but after a test flight, he was so impressed with the ability and personality of the BK Bird he purchased one for his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh. 

The famous aviator and world record holder Wiley Post was also a dealer for the popular Bird aircraft.

MFG: Brunner-Winkle

Built In: Brooklyn, NY

First Produced: 1929

Powerplant: Kinner K5

Horsepower: 100

Prop: Wood

Service Ceiling: 14,000 ft

Cruise: 92 mph

Top Speed: 110 mph

Range: 500 miles

Empty Weight: 1,199 lbs

Gross Weight: 1,980 lbs

Wing Span: 34’ upper

25’ lower

Wing Area: 266 sq. ft

Length: 23’

Height: 8’8”

Armament: None

Number Built: 75 total


This BK Bird, ‘K’ for the Kinner engine, was acquired by Yanks in 2000.